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Garden Route Potters Association - March Newsletter  
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Hallo everybody….


Sorry this is going to be quite a lengthy newsletter! But exciting too…..



First of all some feedback from our last workshop at Lesley-Ann Hoets. It was a week ago, and a really great turnout and fantastic workshop was enjoyed by one and all. She really is such a talented person and not afraid to share any of her secrets with all of us.


We also have quite a few new members, some of whom came to the workshop, and our member numbers are higher than they have ever been, which is really great- I do think Lesley Ann is quite a big draw card!


At this point I had better point out to the new members that this year appears to be an amazing one in terms of workshops. (Just in case you think it’s like this every year!) we have really battled in the past to get outside workshops, and as you will see in this newsletter, this is a very different year- it would be so fantastic if we could get lots of outside potters every year but living where we do also has its limitations in terms of getting people from far away- it costs quite a bit to get them here, as you can imagine.


As you know, Lesley-Ann has offered to do a series of three workshops this year for us- which is really great. We had to make a decision though, as we cant have the second workshop much later on as she gets very busy on weekends with her ceramic fireplaces when the weather cools down. I took a vote from all the members who attended the last workshop and it was an overwhelming majority who wanted another workshop as soon as possible. I phoned Lesley-Ann and she is available the first Saturday of May. (Afterwards I realized it was a public holiday- workers day- hopefully it won’t affect anyone)

First workshop, Lesley Ann

Date: Saturday May 1


Time: 10 am as before- but she wants it to be open ended, so we don’t have to rush off at 2pm as before (think she enjoyed it as much as we did!) anyone who cant stay the whole time naturally is welcome to leave.


Place: Hot Art, Karatara

Theme of the workshop. Hand building again, a continuation of last workshop (but you don’t have to have attended that one to come to this one. You will still learn a huge amount- you will have just missed different things but it doesn’t mean you can’t participate.)

She will demonstrate making her bigger pots, and show us how to add on to pots, finish them off, necks, shoulders of pots, and some decorating. It will be semi participating like last time, with the intention that those who are interested will go home and construct their own pots, and we will go back and glaze and fire them for the third workshop.


As you all realized, she is keen for everyone to try their hands at what she shows us, so she can correct mistakes.

Cost: same as before- R120 for members, R180 for non-members.

It will include a light lunch again too.

RSVP to me as soon as possible please.



Workshops we never thought would happen


We have Lorette Espi and Catarina Pagani coming up from Cape Town to give us a weekend of workshops- what can I say- fantastic!


That will be the last weekend of May


Saturday 29th May and Sunday 30th.


Lorette will give us a workshop on right brain/left brain decorating, amongst other decorative techniques. A few of us have seen her in action and she is really an excellent teacher.


Catarina will give us a workshop on lino print decorating on clay, how to apply it for different effects, with oxides as well. A few of us attended her workshop in Macgregor and its really so interesting- both of these potters do such different work and we can learn so much from them.


At this point, all we have confirmed is the date, and that they are definitely coming, and more or less what they will show us. You don’t need to RSVP for these workshops yet- I couldn’t get hold of Lorette again on Friday for final details- but soon I will email you all with cost, and finer details of both workshops.  In the meantime, just diarise the weekend and make sure you have nothing else on that weekend, if you are keen!


At this point we would like to say thanks so much to Brenda for offering to put both these potters up at her house for the weekend- we owe you big time Brenda! It would have cost us a fortune to put them up somewhere else.



Forthcoming attractions-

Sybil is going to give us a workshop on hand building her unique way. I don’t think any of us have seen anything like it, before or since!  She gave us one a few years ago that everyone just loved. No dates decided yet, just that Sybil has kindly agreed to do it again. Hopefully early in the second half of next year.


Chris Smart (for those who know him- he is a very accomplished potter) has started pottery again and is available for workshops. Apparently he gives fantastic ones on a variety of subjects, including glazing, - no date for him yet either but he is definitely on the horizon


Well you will be pleased to have me finish off now, but its been a pleasure writing a newsletter with lots to offer…I think most of you will be very interested in these workshops, and hope not too many of you are away and miss out.


Bye for now and happy potting,

Kathy and the committee


For those new members, the committee consists of Mandy Walker Wells, chairlady (person?)

Angus Anthony, treasurer

Hilary Cheney- exhibitions

Me- secretary




Mandy Walker-Wells- chairman

Angus Anthony- treasurer

Kathy Godwin- secretary...home 044 8747529  cell 079 4924913

email :

Hilary Cheney- exhibitions

Mandy Walker-Wells- chairman

Angus Anthony- treasurer

Kathy Godwin- secretary...home 044 8747529  cell 079 4924913

email :

Hilary Cheney- exhibitions


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