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McGregor Arts Festival
16–18 March 2018
Millstone Pottery Programme of Events


Exhibition: Pots for the kitchen

During the week-end, there will be an exhibition in our studio, titled Pots for the kitchen. The history of food and cooking is intimately linked to the development of pottery. This age-old relationship between food and pottery was our inspiration for this exhibition and the pots we made explored the theme of ‘Pots for the Kitchen’. We hope they will inspire cooks to use handmade pottery in the kitchen and to make other potters more interested in food, its preparation and serving.

Cooking and eating together give opportunities for families and friends to meet and talk, consolidating and maintaining relationships. People who are concerned with the quality of their food, the ingredients used to make it, as well as its preparation, should be equally concerned with the importance of the vessels that are used for its cooking and serving.

Friday 16 March
Tile Painting Workshop

Participants will be given 4 bisque-fired handmade 10cm x 10cm tiles to paint. They need to bring along ideas for their tiles, lines from poems, leaves, inspiration from nature, pictures.

The tiles will be fired and ready for collection on Sunday morning.

The workshop will run from 11.00–12.30 and be repeated from 2.00–3.30, if there is sufficient demand.

Booking essential

Cost: R250

Friday 16 March
Buy-a-bowl and get free food evening

Potter Paul de Jongh has made a large selection of bowls to choose from ranging in price, starting at R150. Once you have purchased your bowl, you can help yourself to a delicious dinner of chilli con carne with a choice of mince, chicken or beans, topped with sour cream, nachos and cheese. A medley of desserts will be available for an additional cost.

Please book for this event for catering purposes.

Starting at 6.30pm. Conrad Brownlee will be providing live music from 7–8pm. Please bring along a bottle of wine.

Saturday 17 March
Have a go on the potter’s wheel

Ever wanted to try your hand at throwing a pot? This is your chance! Spend 15 minutes under the guidance of veteran potter Paul de Jongh.

This event will carry on throughout the day, on a first come first served basis! No need to book.

Cost: R50

Cinnamon buns and iced tea will be served throughout the day in the garden.

Saturday 17 March
Raku firing

A raku firing is being offered, starting at 2.00pm.

During the raku firing, Paul and Nina hope to give participants a glimpse into one aspect of the work they do – raku firing - and in so doing, show participants what makes them want to keep on doing it!

This exciting firing technique is rooted in a traditional practice in Japan where guests at social gatherings fired their own tea-bowls and then drank tea out of them.

The technique involves pulling the red-hot pots from the kiln and placing them in sawdust, thereby crazing the glaze and carbonising the cracks. It is an inspiration and refreshment to all, bringing one right down to basics. Such simple beauty will fill you with the same childish pleasure you felt when you held a piece of pottery you made yourself for the first time.

Each participant will receive a bisque-fired teabowl, hand thrown by Paul, to decorate using a resist technique and glaze for the firing. The whole process takes about 2.5 hours.

Cost: R200

Sunday 18 March
Demonstration of big pot throwing by Paul de Jongh, starting at 10am.

Cinnamon buns and iced tea will be served until 2pm.



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